Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Law Office ably represents it clients in, and proficiently handles, all judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative proceedings. This includes, among others, the institution of the case before the proper forum, submission of the required pleadings, trial or the presentation of witnesses and evidence and the cross-examination of witnesses of the opposing party, coordination for the execution of the favorable decisions or orders rendered by the court or government tribunal, and appeal or review with the higher tribunals, if necessary.

Through extensive legal research and coordination and conferences among the handling lawyers, the Law Office prepares, maps out and implements processes and strategies in advocating the causes of its clients.

The litigation services of the Law Office extend not only to the courts (Metropolitan and Municipal Trial Courts, Regional Trial Courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court), but also to other government tribunals, such as, but not limited to the National Labor Relations Commission, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board, Pollution Adjudication Board, Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board and the Intellectual Property Office.

The Law Office also handles commercial arbitration before the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, appointed arbitrators or other arbitration institutions.