Land and Property Proceedings, Transfers and Preservation

One of the most common engagements that the Law Office handles are transfers of properties through sale, donation, hereditary succession or estate planning. Properties typically handled include land, buildings, listed or unlisted shares of stock, and other financial instruments, among others.

The Law Office handles the entire process of transfer. This includes the verification of legal papers and relevant public or private records, ocular inspection and survey of the property, as may be necessary and applicable, the complete pre-assessment of costs to be incurred, the evaluation, compilation and preparation of requirements, the drafting and finalization of necessary deeds and other instruments, and the filing of applications and processing of transactions before the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Register of Deeds, and Local Government Units of the jurisdiction where the property is located. For land, the process runs until and up to the issuance of the new Original Owner’s Transfer Certificate of Title and Real Property Tax Declaration/s.

The Law Office is well-experienced in any proceedings related to the titles of properties, including its reconstitution, reissuance, removal of liens, encumbrances and other annotations.